The story line is great and will give kids (in the school context) much to discuss and innovate on.  The illustrations are amazing!  The details and profiles of the animals at the end of the book is a wonderful idea and just adds that educational dimension, which I am sure will be appreciated by parents and educators.”
Kate Bennett ~ Stage 1 Teacher NSW


“Cobber is a delightfully engaging story, which is both educational and visually appealing. I’m sure this Aussie tale will become a firm favourite for children and a valuable resource for teachers of children in the Early Years.” - Lyn Farrington ~ Early Years Educator and story book reader on YouTube channel: sheNANNAgans

“Cobber, by Pam Slattery, is a great children's book. It tells the delightful story of a young cassowary trying to find its meaning, it is told in a whimsical manner and accompanied by beautiful illustrations. It highlights the importance of the World Heritage Area listed rainforests of the Wet Tropics, and the unique animals that call this place home.

The book includes an animal biography in the back that would be very enjoyable to children, clearly worded science that is easily digestible. This is a book that all children will love, but especially suited to early readers 6 - 9 years of age. The story has a great and uplifting message while teaching us about animals of the rainforest and leaving us wanting to learn more." - Scott Buchanan, Executive Director, Wet Tropics Management Authority


"Cobber is a delightful short story which explains the importance of an Australian endangered bird, the Southern Cassowary to rainforest regeneration.
In telling the story of the critical role the Southern Cassowary has in the survival of the rainforests of Queensland's Wet Tropic region the author also cleverly introduces throughout the story other creatures that are found in the rainforest.

Following the story, further factual information with accompanying illustrations of each of these creatures can be found at the back of the book.
The watercolour illustrations throughout the book are absolutely beautiful - particularly impressive is the close up of the Cassowary, Cobber looking at two long feelers emerging from a log. I would recommend this book to children aged between 6 and 12 years of age. It would be an excellent addition to any school library." - Judith Smith

"Cobber’s purpose is behind him, the boobook owl tells the cassowary. The other rainforest creatures – the white-tailed rat, the long-antlered beetle, the green ants, green frog, the trapdoor spider and scrubfowl – they all know what their purpose is, but Cobber, no. All he does is ‘eat and poo’ but then realises the forest actually depends on this. Cobber and his rainforest mates are all depicted in Pam Slattery’s glorious watercolours and have a short description of their lifestyle too, on the back pages. She is a highly acclaimed painter of bird life." - Dr. Virginia Lowe - Create a Kids’ Book


“I was really thrilled when I received my copies of this beautiful book.  The paintings of all the animals in Cobber are delightful and will appeal enormously to children of all ages, the mums and dads too, I am sure!  The accompanying story is simply told, perfect for the recommended age group and the information about each animal at the end makes it really educational in an entertaining way.”
- Jann Brassil

“This book is full of delights for children, who can join in with Cobber in his search, and rejoice when his purpose is found. The beautiful illustrations and informative glossary at the end, can be enjoyed by all ages.” - Madeleine Szymanski


“I read your book and loved it, as will my two grandchildren.  The story is fun as well as educational and your illustrations are amazing!  Looking forward to your next book!” - Gaye Newton

“I think Pam Slattery's book COBBER is delightfully written with wonderful illustrations.  I've bought copies for my great niece and nephew.  Even I enjoyed reading it and looked forward to Cobber's purpose in life being revealed.   A great educational experience.  From my experience with pre-schoolers I think they will love it.  The references to poo will make them giggle.  I think this book is exceptionally suitable for kindergartens and pre-schools.”   - Margaret Aalders


"Pam Slattery has achieved a rare combination in Cobber - it is a story book which is both informative and entertaining. Pam's quirky pictures and witty text tell the tale of a young male cassowary's quest to discover his niche in the Australian tropical rainforest. It is a delightful book for children to share with their parents and grandparents in the years to come." - Dr Rob Bearlin (Biology teacher and ardent bibliophile).

"Cobber is a heart-warming story that is guaranteed to delight all young readers. The storyline is fantastic and, combined with the exquisite illustrations, I found it to be an entertaining read. Having the animal biographies at the back adds a great educational element and an informative insight for young children into Australia’s fauna. Spectacular!" - Ike Morris, Student (aged 17)  

“We were delighted with the beautiful illustrations for which you are so highly notable. The story will provide much pleasure to the two new members of the family. Congratulations on producing such a delightful children’s book.”
- Ian and Rowena Farrington

“My book arrived today. It's delightful. I love the way that a beautiful narrative has fact woven into it and that factual text sits at the end. It would be a great teaching tool.” - Jennifer O'Young ~ Lover of creativity & teacher of primary aged students for 37 years


A fun story with a great take away message, and beautiful illustrations of our precious Far North Queensland.” - Kati Leary

“My kids and I really enjoyed your new book 'cobber'. It was a great insight into our native lands and why we need to protect our environment!”
Natalie Lister PhD